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Support rollers without axial guidance , that ITS Italia provides, are available in the execution without seals, series STO, and with contact seals belong to the series NA22_2RSR.

Both versions can be supplied with or without an inner ring . Support rollers without inner ring are marked with the letter " R"( which precedes the name of the series ).

Support rollers without axial guidance are excellent choices when the pins or the shafts can be hardened and ground .

Definition of identification :

  • RSTO = rollers without axial guidance - without inner ring

  • STO = rollers without axial guidance - with inner ring

  • RNA22_2RSR = without axial guidance - lip seals

  • NA22_2RSRS = without axial guidance - lip seals

Support rollers belong to this series are of simple construction ,they are the only working with a lubrication with oil, are separable, that is the various component parts can be mounted separately .The outer ring axial guidance must be provided by an appropriate design of the external surfaces .

The - STO support rollers are often used without inner rings - series RSTO.

Support rollers belong to the series RSTO run directly onto the shaft surface, which must be designed in an adequate manner ( hardened and ground ).

Support rollers belong to these series have the contact seals on both sides .

The rollers are guided axially between the extended edges with the outer ring. The group of roller cage form one unit with the outer ring; the inner ring of the support rollers of the series NA22_2RSRS can be mounted separately .


Support rollers belong to these series allow reliable accommodation and do not require maintenance. The working range relative to the seal material is from -30 ° C to + 120 ° C.

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