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Thrust ball bearings are separable axial bearings that are produced in both single and double direction acting design.

To assist in simple effective mounting or dismounting the bearing washers, seatings, and cage and ball assemblies, may be individually mounted in their arrangement location. Thrust ball bearings may be accommodate comparatively high axial loads but they must not be exposed to any radial forces. Due to their specific kinematic behaviour, thrust ball bearings are only suitable for low to medium operating speeds. Furthermore, they require minimum axial loads for their optimum function.

Since thrust ball bearings do not compensate misalignment, they are also frequently used in conjunction with a spherical housing washers or with both spherical housing washers and seating washers.


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All thrust ball bearings types with flat housing washers do not allow any misalignment.

The contacting surfaces of both shaft and housing seats must be parallel.

Misalignments can only be accommodated by using thrust ball bearings with a spherical housing washers.

Thrust ball bearings are normally fitted with pressed steel cages as standard.

For larger thrust ball bearings solid brass cages ( suffix MP ), or solid steel cages ( suffix FP ), are fitted as standard.

Thrust ball bearings are produced to normal tolerance class ( PN ) as standard.

On request these bearings are also produced to closer tolerances, such as tolerance classes P6 and P5.

Bearings require a minimum load under all operating conditions to ensure kinematic correct rolling element function.

For ITS Italia thrust ball bearings the minimum axial load must be 4% of the dynamic load rating.