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Cast iron supports are in one piece and support high loads. For the relubrication of the bearings with locking ring the support hole has a lubrication throat and the support has a lubrication hole for fatteners commonly on the market according to DIN71412. When supplied, the support hole is closed by a plastic cap.

Cast iron units are available as units of straight and flange supports.

Straight media units have a long or short foot. Long-base media is screwed to the surrounding construction by slots, short-base media through threaded blind holes.

Flange media units are available with two, three, and four holes. The shape of the support is oval, triangular, square or round. The supports have through holes for fixing. Some types are also available with centering block. The centering block is mounted in an internal turning in the machine wall. In this way the supports are aligned in the center and the fixing screws are discharged by radial forces.

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