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The internal design of double row cam rollers series LR50, 305 or LR52 , 306 or LR53 are based on the double row angular contact ball bearings of the series 30..(for series LR50), 32 ...( for series 305 or LR52) or on the series 33.. ( for the series 306 or LR53 ).

Double row cam rollers have contact angles of 25° they also feature polyamide cages as standard.

Double row cam rollers are widely used with pressed steel shields, identify with suffix -ZZ or KDD and they are also available with contacting seals, identify with suffix -2RSR or NPP, as standard.

As for single row cam rollers , also double row cam rollers are produced with either a cylindrical or spherical outer ring diameters.

The radius of crowing of double row cam rollers is at 400 mm for codes 305 and 306, while for series LR is at 500mm.

Double row cam rollers feature solid polyamide cages as standard.

For the contacting seal of sealed cam rollers a wear-resistant synthetic rubber (NBR) is used as standard material.

This seal material is suitable for operating temperatures of -30°C up to +110°C

On request cam rollers are supplied with alternative seals materials.

Cam rollers incorporating either seals or shields are supplied grease filled from the factory with a proven high quality rolling bearing grease suitable for operating temperatures of -30°C up to +110°C.

Although cam rollers, operating under normal conditions, run generally maintenance free. Some application require additional lubrication where high speeds, heavy dust, permanent operating temperatures over +70°C exist. Double row cam rollers only feature a lubrication hole in the inner rings to provide a simple and effective re-lubricating method.


Where re-lubrication is necessary, it is emphasised that, undue pressure by the re-greasing method may cause unnecessary damage to either the seals or shields.

Cam rollers with cylindrical outer ring diameter are produced to normal class tolerance ( PN ) as standard.

For cam rollers with spherical outer ring diameters, the outer ring diameter tolerance is double the standard value.


Some of the smaller cam rollers may also be produced to tolerance classes P6 or P5 on request.

Cam rollers are produced with normal internal clearance group, CN , as standard.


ITS Italia cam rollers are also produced to other internal clearances.

Unlike the normal rolling element bearings, the outer ring of cam rollers contact their adjacent mating surface on a very small contacting area; this causes deformations of the outer ring.

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