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Coupling type : Steel / PTFE- Bronze composite

This terminal present the characteristic of high resistance and high precision.

For this reason advantages are several, first of all have it have the possibility to work in presence or complete oil immersion; has a good performance in the presence of high oscillatory movements and complete rotations.

This type of terminals is able to support radial forces of traction and compression.

The ring containing the bronze and PTFE insert is made cold on the inner ring.

PTFE Liner for maintenance free is adopted well between spherical inner ring and ring in bronze ( or steel on request).

This type of rod end is available with left and right thread for male version,while it is present internally of the female version.

It is wholly self-lubricating bearing and for this reason it has an high service and stable performance and relatively longer usage.

Under request, stainless steel AISI 316 available.

Serie SA..T/K and equivalent GAKL..PW

Serie SI..T/K and equivalent GIKL..PW

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